DVI is excited to share that our proprietary big data offering was selected for the People's Choice Award at the 2017 BTN Innovate Conference! DVI President, Brian Beard, accepted the award on behalf of DVI, after presenting on the DVI big data product, Vantage Point. Fourteen competitors were evaluated throughout the event by a panel of judges, followed by voting from conference attendees on the People's Choice Award.

"The DVI Vantage Point platform addresses data quality up front through the use of data science techniques, creating rich visualizations that lead to full visibility of a corporate travel and expense program," stated Brian Beard. "We are honored to receive the BTN Innovate award and thank everybody for embracing this exciting vision."

Beard has been a travel industry trendsetter for over 20 years, from his CIO experience at GE and TRX to his web technology innovation positions at Toyota and Amadeus. Recently, Brian has held speaking engagements at GBTA events, industry technology webinars, ACTE events, product launches for major technology companies, regional BTAs, BTN events, airline association events and more.
About DVI:
DVI is a company that delivers leading edge visualization products through innovative data science and machine learning. We believe that data organization and visualization is one of the key principles to a successful business. We have deep knowledge of multiple industries, including travel, and are uniquely aware that corporate buyers have been at a disadvantage for many years due to the lack of technology tools that deliver real, actionable insight.
It all starts with the data. We take our processes of data collection, quality monitoring and management very seriously. Our team is fanatical about keeping data clean and architecting our data warehouse for performance and accuracy. If the data is right then making it visible in new and valuable ways becomes the easy part.
We listen to our customers and continually enhance our products to meet customer needs. Our agile approach allows us to make changes and develop new features as market demands change.